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Brittany Karzen Red Glasses Utah


"Like most of you, I don't fit in the box of right or left. With me, you will see the difference when a real person rather than a politician serves the community."


Brittany Karzen has expertly navigated the intersection of public policy and communication for nearly two decades in both the public and private sectors on several issues including energy, the environment, public health, underserved communities, law enforcement, and victim rights.

Moved by the events of 2020, Brittany joined the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office in the Fall of 2020 committed to bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. She is making this happen by working to expand access to mental health services, secure resources for victims of domestic violence, support at-risk youth through inter-agency collaborations, develop strategic homelessness interventions, support officer wellness initiatives, and more.


Brittany is an innovative problem solver and committed coalition builder. Her career has given her unique insight into public policy matters through her work with the Utah Department of Health, Salt County Sheriff's Office, R&R Partners, and Edison International. Her ability to listen and willingness to step outside her comfort zone has made her a passionate advocate for an array of community-based organizations that help victims of domestic and sexual violence, immigrants, and underserved communities.


A proud South Salt Lake resident, Brittany has called Utah home for nearly 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Southern Virginia University and a Master of Arts in mass communication from Brigham Young University.

Image by Manik Roy
Brittany Karzen Red Glasses Utah


  • Nearly 20 years of communications, public policy, and government affairs experience

  • Expertise in criminal justice, law enforcement, health, and energy policy

  • Track record of coalition building

  • Director of Communications for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

  • Advocate and board member for an array of community-based organizations helping victims of domestic and sexual violence, immigrants, and underserved communities

  • South Salt Lake Resident

About Brittany
Image by Manik Roy

House District 32, home to 43,785 residents, encompasses 9.35 square miles nestled between the Jordan River to the west, Highland Drive to the east, I-80 to the north, and 3900 South to the south. It includes parts of South Salt Lake, Millcreek, and Salt Lake City.

  1. Salt Lake County Metro Jail

  2. Salt Lake County Oxbow Jail

  3. Salt Lake Valley Youth Detention Center

  4. The Road Home - Men’s Homeless Resource Center

  5. Salt Lake County Juvenile Receiving Center

  6. Kem and Carolyn Gardner Mental Health Crisis Care Center (under construction) 

This urban-suburban area is the site of six essential, resource-intensive facilities serving both Salt Lake County and the State of Utah. It is the only community in the state where public safety and social service infrastructure is concentrated in this manner.


About HD32/Map


She is the only person with the experience and qualifications to provide HD32 the representation it deserves.

House District 32 Deserves a Seat at the Table


on Day 1

Brittany has nearly 20 years of experience changing laws and getting funding. 

Brittany Karzen is a candidate for Utah House District 32
“For too long, our neighborhood has been forgotten.
Together, we can claim our seat at the table and make our collective voice heard.”

For nearly 20 years Brittany has been working to improve her community through policy change, funding, and communications.

A sample list of her work is detailed below. 

Brittany Karzen Red Glasses Utah


Sample list of legislative appropriations and Brittany has worked on

​​Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (2020-Present)

R&R Partners (2018-2020)


Utah Department of Health (2015-2018)

Brittany Karzen Red Glasses Utah

Sample list of efforts Brittany has worked on

​Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (2020-present)

R&R Partners (2018-2020)

  • Led the 10-year reaffirmation Utah Compact on Immigration 

  • Faciliated coalitions to address emergent issues from domestic and sexual violence, suicide, substance use and addiction, education, and renewable energey 

  • Supported marketing campaigns on prevention and public health

  • Conducted research and polling

  • Developed and pitched proposals to public and private organization

Previous Experience (2004-2015)

  • Worked on various state-level energy issues across the US including California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (2004-2012)

  • Engaged in federal energy policy (2004-2012)

  • Supported community education for complex energy projects across Southern California (2004-2012)

  • Assisted non-profits with advocacy at the local and state level (2010-2012)

  • Involved in multiple political campaigns including managing a 2014 city council race (2004-2015)

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