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I am committed to pursuing a bipartisan, inclusive, and community-focused approach to addressing the most pressing needs in our district.

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We can save lives and tax dollars by making it easier for community members to access mental health and addiction treatment.

  • Make hospitals, not jails, our primary treatment facilities

  • Use treatment rather than arrest to end cycles of violence and crime in our neighborhoods

  • Make careers in counseling more attractive to hire more people

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School Bus

Addressing the basic needs of youth is both morally right and fiscally responsible. Kids that are able to perform in school are more successful and are less likely to be involved in our very expensive criminal justice system.

  • Fuel classrooms by feeding kids breakfast and lunch

  • Inspire kids and support families with after school activities

  • Empower neighborhood schools through innovative community partnerships and trades based eduction


Everyone wants to breathe clean air and drink clean water. As we pursue impactful environmental policies we must be conscious of the economic impact on low-income Utahns. 

  • Save water and the Great Salt Lake 

  • Make public transit practical 

  • Protect the environment while protecting paychecks

Image by Nikola Jovanovic
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