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She is the only person with the experience and qualifications to provide HD32 the representation it deserves.


For nearly 20 years Brittany has been working to improve her community through policy change, funding, and communications.

A sample list of her work is detailed below. 

Brittany Karzen Red Glasses Utah


Sample list of legislative appropriations and Brittany has worked on

​​Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (2020-Present)

R&R Partners (2018-2020)


Utah Department of Health (2015-2018)

Brittany Karzen Red Glasses Utah

Sample list of efforts Brittany has worked on

​Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (2020-present)

R&R Partners (2018-2020)

  • Led the 10-year reaffirmation Utah Compact on Immigration 

  • Faciliated coalitions to address emergent issues from domestic and sexual violence, suicide, substance use and addiction, education, and renewable energey 

  • Supported marketing campaigns on prevention and public health

  • Conducted research and polling

  • Developed and pitched proposals to public and private organization

Previous Experience (2004-2015)

  • Worked on various state-level energy issues across the US including California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (2004-2012)

  • Engaged in federal energy policy (2004-2012)

  • Supported community education for complex energy projects across Southern California (2004-2012)

  • Assisted non-profits with advocacy at the local and state level (2010-2012)

  • Involved in multiple political campaigns including managing a 2014 city council race (2004-2015)

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