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  • What do you think of CRT being taught in the schools?
    I don’t think CRT, a college-level academic theory, should be taught in K-12 schools. I support the teaching of the history of racism in this country and teachers facilitating discussions about current events that include racism in an age-appropriate manner.
  • What is your stance on medical and recreational marijuana?
    The government should not be involved in healthcare decisions that should be left to the patient and their doctor, I believe this principle should apply to medical marijuana. I would like to look at both legalizing recreational marijuana and/or decriminalizing marijuana for personal use in Utah.
  • What is your stance on the whole vaccination issue and mandates? Do you still wear a mask? If so why and where?
    The government should not be involved in healthcare decisions that should be left to the patient and their doctor. I do not support the government mandates that have been presented to date. I wear a mask when asked by a person or business out of respect and I support others wearing a mask when they feel it is appropriate.
  • If you get elected would you be for or against ranked-choice voting?
    I support rank choice voting. I haven’t seen any data that indicates it isn’t effective. We do need to educate voters if we move to it, there is some confusion since it is a new process.
  • How is your campaign going? I'm becoming more disenchanted with the GOP by the second, do you think moderate non-Trump folks like you will win this fall?
    You and me both. I sure hope so. We need to build a community rather than tear each other down if we want to improve everyone's quality of life. The only way to do that is with people willing to work together despite differences.
  • Will you get wine in grocery stores?
    I am open to the idea, it would be a lot more convenient for people, but I have not put much thought or research into what we would need to change in policy to make that happen.
  • What do you think of the development of the Sugarhouse area and all the housing they’re squeezing in?
    I know that the communities in our district (SSL, Millcreek, Sugarhouse) have a housing shortage but I would like to see a more strategic approach to development. There needs to be a combination of affordable housing options, including units that can be purchased. Additionally, government should not be forcing zoning changes in established communities to accommodate developers without providing residents ample opportunity to engage in the process that decides changes to zoning and what construction is ultimately approved.
  • Can you tell if you are a Trump supporter?
    I am not a Trump supporter.
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